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Cielo Corva
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Name : Cielo Corva
Age : 19
Birthdate : November 01
Birthplace : Norda, Pielago
Height : 5'7"
Hair/Eye Color : Brown-Red/Pale Red
Abilities : Heightened senses, faster recuperating abilities, immunity to disease
Flaws/weaknesses : short life span; has a heart condition that limits her endurance and breathing
History & Background

Cielo Corva was born to an actress mother and a hired gun father, then raised in relative isolation due to her mother's public life not allowing for a child. Her father had died before she was born, and this had sent her mother into a state of depression she never completely recovered from. At the age of seven she was sole witness to her mother's suicide - and had, in panic, ran out of the house, consequently becoming involved in a shooting that puts her in comatose state for three years. She was placed under her father's family's custody when her condition had somewhat improved.

Her uncle and his wife raised her and had, taught her how to cook and manage the restaurant, seeing as they did not have children to pass the establishment to. Over the years Cielo picked up fighting skills due to the nature of the city and by her uncle's teaching, but had refused to follow her father's line of work. Because of her coma, her "illness" manifested at the age of 12, when her eyes, originally green, has started to turn pale red. Originally planning to simply continue schooling and take over managing the restaurant, she took a career change and had ended up getting negotiated into a marriage at the age of 18.
Weston City

Weston City is one of the three cities found in the Pielago state. Weston is well-known for its nightlife, and for good reason - the actual city is underground. Unlike neighboring cities that have levels above-ground, Weston is completely below ground level: it's one of the most prominent station hubs of a transportation system that connects more than 30 cities.

Originally above-ground, Weston became home to a large number of assassins, thieves and other unwanted, due in part to its relative isolation from other cities. The city's government established a system called "listing" - a collective of people with similar professions and aligned goals, both to monitor those who live in the city, and to extend a measure of legality to the profession, as well as a measure of protection to city residents who weren't trading illicitly. From the initial five listing groups, listings grew in number and variation until the "legal" government and prominent listing leaders built the foundation of the city's second layer - which was fronted by the transportation system that ultimately connected Weston to the rest of the world (in rhetoric). The city became an independent entity, on the radar of the people-installed government but answering to its own rules. The above-ground level was eventually neglected, the land sold off to interested parties.

Order is well-maintained in Weston, and has three primary rules - don't steal from/kill/rape your neighbor, don't ruin other's material property, pay taxes on time. Residents of Weston have two identity cards - their work card (which includes their real name, listing group (optional) and city residency only) and the alternate, in which a false name and residency is given to avoid obvious complications with neighboring cities.

A peculiarity of Weston's universe is a congenital "illness" that affects about 5% of its population. Those with the illness are often unnaturally physically fit, seeming superhuman to most. They are also born with a heart condition directly relative to the illness, and later in life develop a reddish eye color and/or faint blue tinges on their skin. Those born with the illness usually do not live past their first decade - reaching one's fifteenth birthday was considered relatively blessed, while reaching 25 is the equivalent of reaching 100 years of age for those without the condition. The illness is fairly recent and is only in its third generation, though treatments and drugs have been made to assist those with the illness.

Cielo is relatively quiet, if sometimes paranoid. She dislikes crowds, having been raised in isolation, and in her adolescent years having lived in a secluded society. She has a passion for cooking; during her adolescence she worked at the family's restaurant and had later grown fond of the kitchenwork. She is polite, but not hesitant to turn a sharp tongue against rude or perverse remarks.

She prefers to look at things both positively and negatively, before weighing which opinions she has formed would suit a situation. She doesn't mind running out of things to do, and having lived on trains for a short time in her life she has grown to like the feeling of being in constant motion without necessarily seeking out action. Cielo would rather follow orders than lead a group, and often prefers to either work alone or as a secondary.

She tends to hold grudges, though not always seeing retribution or even choosing to consummate the anger. She is also constantly cold - something of a psychological condition in which she feels cold most when in an environment completely foreign to her, and warm in the company of people she knows well, regardless what the actual temperature may be.
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