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Track the Railing [entries|friends|calendar]
Cielo Corva

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[29 Sep 2007|04:07pm]
...So is it questionairre day or something?


Yeah, that.

And there's something I have to say: husband is here now.

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[13 Sep 2007|09:44pm]
...I have a very strange sense of impending doom.

For some reason.

Is anyone else having this, too?
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OOC POST [06 Sep 2007|05:14pm]
Because she needs the background!

Chapter 01, Qaastvs, 12/20 pages. 8D

comickiesCollapse )

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[06 Sep 2007|04:47pm]

Okay so I've been out of the system for... a while. Because some of us do have a life beyond it, right?




My hair grew out faster than I thought.

[so she looks like this now 8D]
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oh my lord WHY [06 Aug 2007|12:39pm]
[Voice Post]



...gah, don't move too much please?!

[ooc: well, she woke up while wearing this and chained to someone else. go go learning things the hard way XD]
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I stopped counting, really [04 Aug 2007|09:57pm]
S-so I fall out of the loop with the system for a while now, but I'm blaming that completely on insomnia. Haven't been able to sleep well in a while, and you know how the world sort of turns without you when you're wide awake and sleepy at the same time?

...Like how sometimes you see the sun rising at 7 in the evening, or how those freshly cut lettuce seem to grow caterpillars out of their veinwork.

I just need sleep, really, I swear that's all I need, but uh.

N-no one got beheaded yesterday today yesterday for real sometime ago, right?

Because that's just yuck.
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21...? [19 Jul 2007|04:18pm]
People relations post, hey hey.


01 Jan Valentine - First friend I ever had around here. Missing him, too.

02 Evey - Dictionary. :D

03 Greed #01 - Noteworthy for throwing my head out a window the few times we've talked.

04 Tayuya - Her hair is just awesome. Aha.

05 Colonel Mustang - Needs a girlfriend.

06 Lieutenant Hughes - A very nice person. ♥

07 Warsman/Croe - Which name do I even use? But uh. Still owing him a few things for the classes.

08 Jaeger - OH GOD NO.

I feel like I missed a bunch of people.

Edit: And Jaeger, I challenge you to a fight.
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21; bah. [17 Jul 2007|04:09pm]
So I have a crush on this guy.Collapse )

I haven't doodled in the longest while, anyway - but AAAAAARGH god why.

Why why why WHY WHY.

I'd like to disappear from the face of the city for a day. I can't even look at him during class.

...Saturday was a very embarassing day.

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[14 Jul 2007|10:20pm]

I don't mind if you're gay or what.
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...er. [13 Jul 2007|12:46am]
Mr. Warsman - uh.


I had something to say and I forgot- SALAD! Your salad. I promised you salad, right? I could bring it to class this Monday.

And Colonel, I heard your friend Riza's back. When is she moving back in?
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what number are we now? [10 Jul 2007|09:03pm]
I keep seeing things like "start a war" and "fight" and all those angry things. It's amusing in a way, I admit, but it doesn't really hold much reason here. Honestly.

You don't have to live with a death sentence on your head to realize that.

Would anyone want to meet up for a walk? Or anything, really.
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dreams are dreams [06 Jul 2007|11:02pm]
The sky is always red in the dream.

Sharply spattered blots of red ink cover the floor behind her as she stands on the narrow windowsill.

The cold marble under her feet makes her shiver, and the fine wood and silken curtain that she holds onto with her right hand seems to be slipping from her fingers like liquid. She tries to turn, to look at where the door would be, because Mother would always be there, standing all beautiful, sad and calm. Her long auburn hair would cascade down her shoulder and sway with her every step; she knows this because she sees it every time on the television.

Mother was the prettiest actress there was, and she was as pretty without makeup on as she was with it on. But whenever she turns her red-haired little self, Cielo never sees her mother. Instead she sees her seven year old self, her head bleeding from a bullet that forced its way though skin and flesh and bone.

That is when Mother jumps.
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16 [29 Jun 2007|10:13pm]
The weather needs to stick to something cooler. I don't like this heat.

Colonel, the dinner's way overdue, but we are going to push through!

Just to recall, though, this is your guestlist? A Havoc and an Elena, if I recall right. Dad Lieutenant Hughes, are you inviting anyone? Am I allowed to invite someone, too?

Private, hackable if you tryCollapse )

...Colonel, I'm going to abuse the airconditioning!
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15 [27 Jun 2007|09:05pm]
Snow's melting too soon.

Colonel, Mr. Hughes, can I let the kids out?
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14 [25 Jun 2007|02:06pm]
I'm gonna go run in the snow in a short skirt and a long jacket.

Because I can.

And taking a few pets with me.
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13 [24 Jun 2007|10:24pm]
Anyone seen a Riza Hawkeye around? She's being missed.
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12 [21 Jun 2007|04:37pm]
This place has effectively killed my affection for cherries. Thank you.

What's the opposite of a vegetarian?
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11 [20 Jun 2007|02:21pm]
...I've never quite lived in a proper house before, now. And Roy, thank you so much for the... basement.

And Roy - rather, Colonel Mustang - you never mentioned another woman.
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10 [18 Jun 2007|09:29pm]
To the father I never got to know - late though this may be - thanks for killing my mother.

Father's Day.

On a happier note - moved in! And to mister Warsman, how are you finding the city so far?
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09 [16 Jun 2007|09:38pm]
New place to live in, and this calls for a decently made dinner.

Colonel Mustang, thanks much.

...And the curses keep getting crazier, don't they.
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